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Math Class work / Homework: April 28-May 2
Math, 5th Grade:  Monday Textbook (Reteach with feedback)
                                Volume : Classwork: (rectangles and triangles) 
                                Wednesday/Thursday  (Textbook 530-531)          
                                 Friday: Testing worksheet (T535)

Math, 6th Grade: Monday/ Textbook (Reteach with feedback) .
                                Volume:  Classwork: (rectangles and triangles)
                                Wednesday/Thursday (resource worksheet) R27:2 
                                Friday: Testing worksheet: (Pm challenge 6th) C27:2

Math, 7th Grade: Monday/Tuesday Textbook page:471-473
                               Complete unfinished work (pages above)
                               Wednesday/Thursday (page 472, copy as worksheet) 
                               Friday: . ( page 473, copy as worksheet)
Math, 8th Grade: Monday/Tuesday Textbook pages, 596-599. Turn in for grade. 
                            Complete unfinished work
                            Wednesday/Thursday, give reteach worksheet   
                            Friday: Worksheet Pm.12:6